RANE DJ Twelve MKII Motorized Vinyl MIDI Turntable

Motor 5.0 KFCM Top panel high torque motor
Ports USB-B, RCA outputs, AC/DC power
Stylus Not needed
Phono preAmp Built-in
Platter Steel
Speeds 33 and 45 platter speed buttons
Dimensions 12 inches in diameter

It is the most innovative and probably the best turntable for an authentic DJ experience with a full 12-inch black acrylic control disc and motorized platter. It is the unique setup of Rane DJ Twelve MKII motorized vinyl MIDI turntable, fits all the modern requirements as a second generation of Rane MK turntables with the latest improvements and pure innovations for professional and mobile DJ's.

The record player is packed with a fully customizable DJ control system to work with Serato DJ Pro software for an advanced level of DVS, USB MIDI, and Virtual DJ selections. The portable design is on the verge of a premium layout with all the exclusive navigation controls that help scroll and loading digital music accurately as like a traditional vinyl record.

Rane redesigned its multifunction touch strips with the MK-II and enhanced the 33 1/3 and 45 RPM platter speeds at the pitch of 8,16 and 50% precise dual-resolutions for detented sliders. The durable components strengthen the high-torque that is likely used for traditional 3,600 ticks, which shines the performance of steel platter that brings precision to music with deep delving the start and stop instant functions.

  • Excellent construction, made of solid steel.
  • New plunger-style starts and stop button.
  • High-precision vinyl, no delay or latency.
  • Phase DVS controller of acrylic control disc and beat jaws.
  • BPM display is OLED for great viewing angles.
  • Dual-mode touch bar for hot cue triggering.
  • Expensive but worth it for mainstream as it neglects the vibrations.

Audio Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK Direct Drive Turntable

Motor Direct-drive, DC servo motor
Ports USB-B, RCA outputs, AC/DC power
Stylus Hydraulically controlled S-shaped Tonearm
Phono preAmp Switchable mode
Platter Anti-resonance Die-cast Aluminum
Speeds 33/45/78 RPM speeds

There are many familiar brands in LP records, but Audio Technica is one of the top brands that deliver the most suitable specs for everyday vinyl listening. Their AT-LP120XUSB is an inferior featured, easy-to-use portable record player with an extra depth of sound due to the well-designed aluminum platter capable of reducing direct motor vibrations and sustain high-fidelity audio of vinyl.

Audio-Technica put effort into perfecting the DC servo motor with selectable 33, 45, and high torque 78 RPM speeds for automatic and manual operations. It helps analog music to beautify emotions. The Audio Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK is a modern turntable with great customization options and the ability to convert vinyl records into a digital audio format with the feature of connecting USB to a computer.

The Audio Technica designs the AT-LP120XUSB-BK in the way of how the modern turntable will look and feel with all the significant customizations and premium features. It raises the bar to a maximum for many brands to cover up with the level of offerings at a competitive price point. It advantages buyers to get this reliable turntable with a selectable phono preamp that also allows direct connection to your choice of amplifier externally.

  • Built-in target light for easier cueing in low light.
  • Variable pitch control stroboscopic platter.
  • Excellent Dual Magnet Phono Cartridge.
  • Multiple outputs with USB and Analog RCA.
  • Switchable Phono Pre-Amplifier.
  • Featuring anti-skate dynamic controls.
  • It lacks height adjustment for the tonearm.
  • Mostly made of plastic, but the design is excellent.

House of Marley "Stir It Up" Wireless Turntable with Built-in Amplifier

Motor Center spindle motor
Ports USB-B, AC/DC power and RCA outputs.
Stylus Counterweight Tone Arm
Phono preAmp Built-in Amp
Platter Aluminum alloy platter.
Speeds 33.3 and 45 switchable speed controls

If you are looking for an eco-friendly design turntable, here your wish comes true with the House of Marley "Stir It Up" vinyl record player. It is made entirely of recyclable materials. For instance, the bamboo, wood, and aluminum used in construction are recycled and are extracted through recycling steps to make this turntable an exquisite artwork for any room decoration that is not harming the environment.

Other than the good looks, the turntable is right on the affordable list of many interested persons. It has modular audio cartridges and adjustable belt drive for auto-start and off features that are devoted to DJs and enthusiasts who evenly enjoy a classic sound system in the revelation of diving in their emotions with favorite music.

To use the variable rotations, it has 33.3 and 45 RPM speeds that also stable for delivering quality sound with auto pitch feature that depends on the user control to increase or decrease platter rotations with tonearm, which is also replaceable with a more professional 1/2” mount AT3600Lmm. Besides the excellent quality controls, it comes with Bluetooth wireless controls powered by the fast 4.2 chip, which is compatible with the latest Bluetooth speakers.

  • Popular vinyl with devoted woodgrain design
  • Dynamic sound pre-amp.
  • Easy to access good port selection.
  • USB type-B port and RCA jacks.
  • Premium grade strobe controler.
  • Sustainable for a long duration with replaceable cartridges
  • Slightly chunky but robust than many competitors.
  • Manually control tonearm which is desired by some, and some don't like it.

Victrola Pro Series VPRO-2000-SLV USB supported Record Player

Motor Direct drive motor
Ports USB-B, RCA outputs, and power plug.
Stylus Metal Tone Arm
Phono preAmp Switchable
Platter Aluminum platter
Speeds 33 and 45 RPM speeds.
Dimentions 17.3" x 14.4" x 5.6"

Victorla is the name you see everywhere when looking for a turntable record player because of popularity and affordability. The pro series is the new line of devices for professional vinyl that is most likely under everyone's budget. It cost less than $150 with all the multifunctions for playing LP records in a modular design that count as a pre-amp switch, RCA ports, USB, and adjustable stroboscopic aluminum platter.

The turntable is excellent for beginners and has a futuristic design that matches the premium brands in terms of features and overall aesthetics. It has a 3-speed belt drive with a metal tone-arm, quartz lock, pitch controls, anti-shake stroboscopic aluminum platter, and can pair with Bluetooth stereo speakers for some great music experience.

The VPro-2000-SLV player is effective as a record player and capable turntable. It has definite approach of playing your records with a good and balanced sound and save it to the PC (when connected to the USB Type B cable included in the package), thereby obtain excellent output effects out of the box experience.

The VPRO-2000-SLV player is effective as a record player and seemed capable of good and balanced sound to play your records and save them on the PC when connected to a USB type-B cable included in the package for an excellent out-of-the-box experience. It let you record your vinyl with the USB ripping feature converts your analog music to digital files that you can secure very quickly.

  • Free PC encoding software included.
  • Removable acrylic dust cover.
  • Onboard volume controls and pitch controls.
  • USB and Wireless connectivity supported.
  • Counterweight tonearm.
  • Anti-skate Stroboscope.
  • It lacks an auto-start and stops feature.
  • Tonearm takes adjustments with the included instructions.

Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 Direct-Drive Professional Turntable

Motor Direct Drive 3-phase brushless DC motor.
Ports Direct Drive 3-phase brushless DC motor.
Stylus S-shape Gimbal-supported Tone Arm.
Phono preAmp Built-in
Platter Aluminium Die-Casting.
Speeds 33 ⅓, 45, 78 RPM
Dimensions 10.80 x 18.60 x 22.30 mm

The Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 is the best portable turntable for the intense platter and headshell needles that provide the variable tempo ranges and flexibility of custom tuning with the pad. When rocking the PLX-1000, it gives you plenty of options for adopting the outcome as your requirements. The plater is sustaining the speed and RPM of variable tuning with reliable and quality components.

The build is solid and holds a Hi-Fi deck as it comes with an innovative DJ turntable to push the limit of an extraordinary analog deck for studios. Although it is dependable on skills, the options are great in approach to a turntable that fills a DJ's demands. It has a patented motor design that gives long performance and support features like line output, reverse play, enhance digital pitch, and auto-correction.

Despite the professional tendencies, the Pioneer DJ turntable is a great record player with automatic features. Ideal for newbies and starters to invest one time to get a powerful turntable involved with the cartridges for authentic vinyl sound. It has all the ports, including the phono RCA jacks for output to external preAmp if you don't want to use the built-in system.

  • Great minimalist design.
  • DJ sounding phono preAmp.
  • Performance isolation to 1200PX.
  • Excellent quality controls.
  • Flexible tempo controls for track speed
  • Stable against resonance and vibrations.
  • No adjustable start/stop feature but can adjust speed.
  • Lack of a USB port for encoding to a computer.

Sony PS-LX310BT Belt Drive Automatic Vinyl Record Player

Motor AC motor with Belt Drive
Ports USB-B, RCA, and AC/DC power.
Stylus Aluminium Tone Arm.
Phono preAmp Switchable Phono PreAmp
Platter Aluminum platter
Speeds 33-1/3 and 45 RPM Adaptor Stowed
Dimensions 11 x 43 x 37 cm

It is the Sony minimalistic looking easy-to-operate portable turntable. It is effortless but joyful for your favorite records with auto-start and stops features that vary with two speeds of RPM, 33-1/3 and 45. It is real sometimes an automatic turntable is welcome for hassle-free listening without the effort of making tonearm corrections. For that reason Sony PS-LX310BT comes with an auto playback feature that will automatically find the groove resting positions by lowering and lifting the tonearm.

The sleek design is pleasing to the eyes of music-obsessed young peoples to enjoy the switchable phono preamp. It can connect their wireless-capable powered speakers or headphones of choice with excellent sound coverage. It provides compact and simple setup for the turntable and only needs the power to start listening to vinyl records to assure effortless enjoyment.

There are three settings to adjust the low, mid, high audio level of your record for distortion-free superior music, which is also stable in terms of vibrations. The aluminum constructed platter is the centerpiece that provides stability in motions. The USB port is also a part of the input and output ports and present under the deck. It let you connect a computer to the player for recording in real-time.

  • Sturdy and minimalist design.
  • Adjustable start/stop feature with speed controls.
  • Fully covered dust cover muffles acoustic pressure.
  • Selections for spin RPM adaptor stowed under the deck.
  • Convenient Bluetooth with push-button.
  • Phono and line output to any compatible device.
  • Lack of stereo.
  • Bluetooth ranges to the 25-foot maximum.

Pro-Ject Elemental Turntable for Vinyl Records

Motors AC motor with Belt Drive
Ports USB-B, RCA, and AC/DC power.
Stylus Ortofon OM 5E MM Cartridge
Phono preAmp Switchable Phono PreAmp
Platter Aluminum platter
Speeds 33-1/3 and 45 RPM Adaptor Stowed
Dimensions 11 x 43 x 37 cm

When comes to portable turntables you have to be sure that it has high-quality build to offer pleasing experience and makes your listening experience as great as possible. Pro-Ject Elemental is a simply beautiful turntable with an all-new futuristic design that looks stunning and appealing as a masterpiece of a record player.

It is high quality and construction of the best portable record player that comes with professional-grade Ortofon OM5Emm cartridge to produce excellent sound because of ultra-low mass tonearm it is fully optimized to pinch high-density records. It has audiophile-grade adjustments for rich music with low vibration belt drive that Pro-Ject design to matches the synchronous motor velocity to perform well with manual operations.

The simple setup has true plug-n-play anti-skate integrated motor controls for the counterweight central gravity mass point, which is made of an artificial stone that makes sense for such a stylish design and a minimal footprint turntable.

Suppose you are in requirement of a great sound quality turntable and couldn't afford a high-end record player. The Elemental's Pro-Ject turntable is for everybody who needs an affordable yet premium sound vinyl with virtually no setup requirements. It means no adjustment is required, and the cartridge came fitted for easy to use functions.

  • Most stylish looking turntable.
  • It has gold-plated RCA terminals.
  • Ortofon OM5E cartridge included
  • Selections for spin RPM adaptor stowed under the deck.
  • Convenient Bluetooth with push-button.
  • Phono switch and line output for excellent audio.
  • It has no dust cover.
  • RCA phono cable is Soldered.

ION Audio Premier LP Wireless Bluetooth Turntable

Motor AC motor with Belt Drive
Ports USB-B, Aux, RCA, and AC/DC power.
Stylus Automatic return feature tonearm.
Phono preAmp switchable phono pre-amplifier
Platter Alloy platter
Speed 33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM with premium stylus

When considering a decent turntable, you’ll find many approaches for good designs with excellent care packages but what comes in your budget is something rare. For that, ION Audio Premier LP comes in a decent coverage of an all-in-one turntable that does everything as a wireless Bluetooth connectivity compatible record player for every day.

It has three-speed of rotations, 33-1/3, 45, and 78 RPM, that you can adjust to your pace and clarify the sound as per requirements. It comes with stereo speakers onboard, a USB port, separate 1/8-inch Aux input to connect your wired headphones, dual RCA outputs for Hi-Fi distinct channel sound.

The onboard speakers deliver clear sound if you listen to your records without a dedicated speaker setup. This LP record player is the simplest and low-cost convenient record player with a built-in internal amplifier that can switch to phone or lane output.

  • Elegant modern designed turntable.
  • Onboard HIFI speakers.
  • Automatic resettable tonearm.
  • Converts tracks into digital files with a USB connection.
  • Included EZ Vinyl and Tape Converter software for file conversion.
  • Large 11 inches stable platter.
  • Bargain of a deal for vinyl fans.
  • USB output not compatible with Sony receivers but works with PC.

Numark PT01 DJ Turntable with Built-In Speaker

Motor Direct drive belt motor
Ports USB-B, Aux, RCA, and AC/DC power.
Stylus Diamond tip stylus
Phono preAmp switchable phono
Platter Alloy platter
Speeds 33 1/3, 45 and ultra 78 RPM

PT01 is not an ordinary turntable for the daily drive of listening to vinyl. Numark scratches it as a DJ tunable that is smart in wireless compatibility, has a built-in speaker, battery option for plug-free performance, and has all the necessary ports that indeed make it truly portable for every occasion.

It has stereo input, gain switch to increase and decrease the output whether it is your analog record, vinyl, or DVS. The studio-grade headphones input provides a latency-free sound possible by the internal pre-amplifier enhancements to strictly crossfade the sound.

If you concern about the pitch controls and DJ deck for hangouts, this turntable record player is on to the point for truly portable and comfortable adjustments of vinyl. The record player is lightweight with effective, reliable controlling options on the board that gives custom sound quality.

  • Quality audio portable turntable.
  • Adjustable Scratch Slide Switch.
  • It runs on AA batteries for anywhere event.
  • Excellent I/O that you can ever get in a turntable.
  • Compatible with all sorts of DJ mixers and tuning receivers.
  • Carrying handles for traveling.
  • The build is plastic but performance for serious audiophiles.

Victrola Vintage Lavender VSC-550BT-LVG Portable Suitcase Record Player

Motor Direct drive belt motor
Ports USB-B, Aux, RCA, and AC/DC power.
Stylus Universal stylus
Phono preAmp Switchable phono
Platter Alloy platter
Speeds 33-1/3, 45, 78 RPM

Victorla is a huge name in the vinyl industry with some cool-looking yet very cheap turntables with many colorful styles and designs that catch the eyes of every vinyl fan. The Lavender VSC-550BT-LVG is their Vintage series 3-speed portable suitcase turntable convenient for traveling and easy to manage controls.

The suitcase turntables are extensively easy to operate without acquiring the knowledge of setting up vinyl and its tonearms, which is why they are considered the best choice for starters. Compact and lightweight for casual use and styled suitcase save the record player from dust. As a result, it stands out as the record player for practical streaming for indoor and outdoor venues.

The secret to their suitcase record players is the all-in-one drive features, which include speakers, wireless BT, RCA ports, USB, and pre-amplifier in one package. Victrola invests its effort in the improvements of the vintage line of record players. That name sounds classical but features modern technology and electronics parts for better and improve performance with audio quality while maintaining its cost for every vinyl lover to get one for passion.

  • Bluetooth Transmitter for wireless audio.
  • USB supported for file conversion of tracks.
  • Easy knob controls for cueing lever raises tonearm.
  • Wired connection with smartphone and headphone via Aux.
  • Suitcase design easy for carrying with handles and overall protection.
  • The plastic build is not much compelling.
  • Hefty as a modern record player.

Gemini TT-900BW Record Player with Two Speakers

Motor Direct drive belt motor
Ports USB-B, RCA, and AC/DC power.
Stylus Universal stylus
Phono preAmp Switchable phono
platter Alloy platter
Speeds 33-1/3, and 45 RPM

Gemini TT-900BW record player is a complete setup for a home vinyl experience with a pretty decent pair of dedicated speakers to accomplish the output requirements. The record player is sleek and stylish to stand out in furnish decors of home with the combination of two included speakers. You can expect some good warm tones of music when listening to your vinyl records.

The TT-900BW has pleasing turntable aesthetics for the modern design prospects. It creates an appealing atmosphere with an integrated amplifier that is doing the job of delivering crisp and clear sound with stereo effect. The player offers a complete package of experiencing vinyl records out of the box.

It has RCA and USB output that are additionally incredible options for anyone looking for a convenient wireless record player for listening records. It fills up the need for easy controlling with knobs, featuring volume, pitch adjustment, and RPM, which has two speeds of 33-1/3 and 45, to live up the enjoyment with your favorite records.

  • The modern, sleek design is vibrant with colors of choice.
  • Comes with two 25 watt stereo speakers.
  • Adjust volume, pitch, and RPM with dedicated dialers.
  • USB port for encoding of tracks.
  • Value combo for the first-time vinyl experience.
  • Not a portable setup with speakers.